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Founded in 1978 by two enterprising Frenchmen, The Atlanta Improvement Company (AIC) is a federal and state licensed importer for wines, beers, and spirits.

AIC is licensed and bonded to sell to wholesale distributors throughout the Eastern United States: Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.  We also provide our services to New York, Illinois, Vermont, New Hampshire, Texas, Nevada, Wyoming, and Hawaii. As our company grows, we regularly add licenses in additional states.
We regularly coordinate and consolidate containers in Europe for wholesale distributors in the USA. AIC also acts as a broker, promoter, and a sales and marketing agent for several small and mid-sized wineries from within the United States.

AIC owns and operates a climate controlled warehouse in the Atlanta area.  We also utilize warehousing facilities in Charleston, South Carolina.  This allows for better fulfillment of quick moving items to our wholesalers. In addition to our operations located in Atlanta and Charleston, we maintain an office in Bordeaux, France.

At AIC we strive to offer wines, beers, and spirits that we feel represent the characteristics of its terroir and producer.  As the wine, beer, and spirit world evolves and changes rapidly, we stay grounded in our core values.  We believe our values parallel the farmers, brewers, distillers, vintners, and enologists we meet.  We can proudly say we have relationships with producers for over 20 years.  As a regional importer, it is important that we avoid fads and irrational trends in the market.  We are constantly searching for new relationships that will sustain the changing industry. These products must have quality packaging, marketing potential, sustainable support from the producers, a superb value, and most importantly offer the best quality for the region it represents.   It is not unusual that our portfolio consists of small farmers with limited production; however, we work with producers of all sizes and production capacities.   We can proudly say we have visited our producers, walked through their vineyards or fields, inspected their production facilities, and in many instances lodged and dined with their families.  We proudly stand behind our portfolio.

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